Year 11 GCSE Exam Deadlines & Results Day 2021


Following the recent announcement by Ofqual there will be no formal GCSE exams this year. Instead, Teacher Assessed Grades (TAG’s) will be used to determine students’ grades for GCSE qualifications.

 The Teacher Assessed Grades will be based upon a combination of the standard of work produced by students and assessment tasks taken throughout the length of their courses in Year’s 10 and 11. 

In addition, during April and May students will also be expected to complete some of the additional assessment material that is being provided by the various exam boards in order to confirm the Teacher Assessed Grades. 

Vocational qualifications will continue to be assessed in the normal way and students are working hard to complete their final coursework assignments prior to internal assessment and external moderation taking place before the 28th May deadline.

 Therefore, with regards to both the GCSE and Vocational qualifications the following deadline will be adhered to over the next half-term for our Year 11 students:


21st May:       Deadline for completion of GCSE assessment evidence.

28th May:       Deadline for completion of any outstanding vocational qualification evidence

31st May:       May Half-term         

18th June:     GCSE Grade submission deadline

12th August: GCSE Results Day 2021


The above timetable means that Year 11 will complete their studies by Friday 28th May, but will be invited to attend some off-site end of year trips (coronavirus regulations permitting) between 7th – 18th June.

 Friday 18th June will be the last date that students will be expected to attend the academy until we welcome them back on 12th August for GCSE Results Day 2021.