Mathematics Department

It is our goal that no student should leave our school without a maths qualification and that everyone should achieve to the best of their ability. To that end we offer the following qualifications:

  • All students are entered for the linear GCSE Maths examination with the AQA Examination Board and have opportunity to sit either the Foundation Paper (grades C to G) or the Higher Paper (grades A* to D) depending on ability.
  • Students can also take the AQA Free Standing Maths Qualification (FSMQ) which enables them to gain up to a grade C.
  • Some students will also be entered for an Entry Level Certificate (ELC) which leads to an entry level 1, 2 or 3 qualification.

Students have access to the excellent site Mymaths, which they can use to revise all the topics and complete exercises online either as homework or in lessons. To enable students to maximise their potential it is recommended that Mymaths be used at home to practise any topics with which they have difficulty or have missed at school.




In the lessons, students have opportunity to practice their times tables on a tablet using an app called Math Workout which is free and can be downloaded for android devices.

We have found that students who regularly practice their times tables using some form of app make very noticeable improvements in their mental maths.


Other Resources and Sites

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My Maths
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