Welcome to the Art Department

Members of Staff: Dr D Jeywright (Teacher of Art)

Art develops spiritual values and contributes a wider understanding to the experience of life, which helps to build a balanced personality" (Bridget Riley, Painter).


We have had work exhibited on the Saatchi Gallery website

We also took part in the Walking with Giant Parade in Milton Keynes 





Snapshot image of the sunThe department’s aims are as follows:

  • To create and structured atmosphere where all pupils work to their full potential.
  • To encourage creative thinking, self-expression and problem solving.
  • To develop the appropriate skills and techniques needed to achieve the highest levels of attainment in art and design.
  • To understand the contribution of the artist and the designer.

At Stephenson Academy, we aim to stimulate interest in and awareness of the expressive and creative potential of art, craft and design: to enable pupils to become visually literate: to use and understand art as a form of tactile communication and to have confidence and competence in evaluating visual images and artefacts. 

Department’s course

Chains at the Windmill


At present pupils follow programmes of study based on Arts Award, AQA Entry Level in Art and Design in year 9, GCSE AQA in Art and Design and Photography. Pupils experiment with a wide range of art and craft techniques. Puils work both in the art and music room to develop an all round interest in expressive art. They are also exposed to the work of artists and craftspeople from different cultures and movements in art.  Pupils keep portfolios to record their ideas and to inform further pieces of work.  The department are in the process of encouraging the pupils to submit work for AQA’s Entry Level Certificates in art and design. Pupils are starting their units of work in Year 8 (whilst at Romansfield) with the aim to complete the last 2 units after their transition to Stephenson Academy in year 9. 


The department has one general-purpose teaching room, equipped with a PC and interactive white board.  Pupils are able to use ICT to enhance the visual presentation of their design work through use of digital camera, scanner and photoshop and other computer software. There is also a self-contained room which houses a kiln.

Art and Craft Techniques offered to the pupils

The art department are able to offer the following art and craft techniques:

  • Ceramics
  • Mosaics
  • Plaster/modroc/ casting
  • silk painting
  • batik
  • weaving
  • textiles
  • glass painting
  • glass fusing
  • stain glass (copper foil technique)
  • Printing
  • Photography (developing in the darkroom)
  • Screen printing
  • fine art
  • collage
  • sculpture
  • digital photography
  • marbling
  • sewing
  • street art/spray painting
  • animation/film making

Extra Curricular Activities

At present we are able to offer afternoon activities where the art room becomes an open workshop. Pupils are free to come and discuss potential projects or just “have a go”. We are currently working more with our local community and have been asked to produce some artwork for local fun days and community events. We have (in the past) designed and painted our local under paths. We have sold some of our stain glass and fused glass designs at local art events. We have also had work exhibited at La Galleria, a gallery in London, and our films shown in our local cinema.