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Stephenson Academy School Council

Meetings of the Student Council take place once a half-term.  The PSHCE session in period 1 of a selected Wednesday morning is used to get each form group to come up with ideas to improve the provision of the school.  The Student Council then meets immediately after, in period 2, to discuss the ideas generated by each tutor group.

From this wide selection of ideas the School Council narrows the items down to four specific agenda items; this process is based on (a) the frequency of the idea submitted (is it a point that many tutor groups want addressed), and (b) which issues the School Council think are specifically actionable and would help to improve the provision of the school.  These four items are then discussed, with specific solutions suggested.  One of the four items on the agenda will always be linked with developing the anti-bullying policy, and will be taken forward by the school’s bullying Teaching Level Responsibility staff member.  This agenda will be finalised and, the day following the meeting, sent to the Senior Leadership Team for discussion and possible action.

For the remaining 20 minutes of the session, once the new agenda has been discussed and finalised, the Deputy Principal Inclusion will arrive at the meeting to feedback and discuss with the Student Council how the agenda from the previous half term was approached by the Senior Leadership Team, and what action was taken.  Student Council members offer their thoughts and responses to this feedback, offering suggestions where appropriate.



The membership of the School Council comprises:

5 x Year 8 students

4 x Year 9 students

3 x Year 10 students

4 x Year 11 students


Issues that have been taken forward and acted upon by the Senior Leadership Team include the provision of a wider variety of activities during break time, lunch time and after school; several modifications to the anti-bullying policy, provision of additional sports equipment & facilities, revisions to the school’s behaviour policies, addition of additional subjects to the school’s curriculum, alterations to the lunch time menu, and many, many more.

Students can volunteer to join the Student Council, or can accept a nomination from their form tutor.  New members are always most welcome.