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Milton Keynes
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Mr John O’Donnell, Chair of Governors (Safeguarding Governor) 
Mr Michael Manley, Vice-Chair
Mr Christopher Sayles
Mr Mark Smith, Staff Governor and Pupil Premium Governor
Mrs Sandra Clark
Mrs Rachel Farrow, Parent Governor
Dr Neil Barrett, Executive Principal and Governor

Dates and Minutes of Governing Body Meetings 2017-2018
12 October 2017
7 December 2017
8 March 2018
17 May 2018
5 July 2018

Dates and Minutes of Governing Body Meetings 2016-2017
11 October 2016
6 December 2016
7 March 2017
23 May 2017
4 July 2017

Contacting the Chair of Governors:
If you have anything you would like to raise please email the chair of the Governing Body on


2016-2017 Governor Attendance:

11/10/2015 06/12/2016 07/03/2017 23/05/2016 11/07/2017
John O'Donnell Chair of Govs & Safeguarding Gov Yes Apologies Apologies Yes Apologies
Christopher Sayles Vice Chair Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Michael Manley Trustee & Governor Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Kathleen Britain SERCO Nominated Trustee & Gov Yes Yes Yes Resigned      Resigned
Rachel Farrow Parent Governor N/A Yes Yes Yes Yes
Nicola Ready Governor Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes - Resigned
Mark Smith Staff Gov & Pupil Premium Gov Yes Apologies Yes Yes Yes
Sandra Clark Governor N/A Apologies Yes Yes Apologies
Neil Barrett Exec Principal & Governor Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes